V.O.I.C.E. Consulting believes that service is the foundation of the professional person, and takes great pride in offering internships to college students in various academic majors and fields of interest. 


Student interns have an integral role in program development, program and strategic planning, service delivery, research and training. Students are engaged in a 30-day training and orientation period, once they are accepted into the internship program. After completion of the orientation and training phase, students are assigned to community-based programs based upon their expressed interests, to begin developing and enhancing their skills. 


For more information please download the Description of Responsibilities sheet and review the programs featured under the Nonprofit Programs and Services Tab. The application can also be downloaded from this page. 


Interested parties should contact:  


Lydia Hill

(216) 235-9494


Description of Responsibilities - Intern
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Internship Application-2.pdf
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