Nonprofit Startup

Understanding and catering to the unique needs of our clients is a personal passion.  Prior to selecting a package, one of our consultants will meet with each potential client and assist him or her in identifying the most suitable package.  Consultants are assigned to clients until they receive their official nonprofit designation, if they are in pursuit of establishing a nonprofit entity.


Once the nonprofit designation and tax exemption status have been received, identifying funding and resources becomes paramount.  Nonprofit executives are encouraged to select one of the Consultant-On-Retainer Packages to help with public relations, proposal writing, and program evaluation.

The Nonprofit Startup Packages

Barebones $300.00

The client completes all forms, and complete forms are reviewed by one of our assigned consultants. 

  • EIN
  • Name Reservation
  • Complete Initial Articles of Incorporation - State
  • Tax Expemtion Filing - Federal 

Administrative $1000.00

Includes Barebones Package Plus:

  • Orientation
  • Developing the Foundation 
  • Developing Services
  • Providing Services
  • Developing the Organizational Structure

Managerial $2000.00

Includes Administrative Services Plus:

  • Development of Policies and Procedures
  • Developing Documenation Forms
  • Marketing Materials

Executive $3000.00

Managerial Plus:

  • Establishing Your Professional Image
  • Board Development 
  • Staff Training