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​Coaching Services

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Building and running a nonprofit is a community effort. Coaching offers a unique opportunity to support and empower individuals and teams. 


We offer executive and team coaching packages to help leaders build supportive and thriving work environments. 


Our coaching services focus on individual and team strengths, goals, and organizational goals.

Employers and organizational teams are responsible for supporting and empowering each member towards excellence.

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1. / Nonprofit Start-Up

There is more to establishing a nonprofit than filing the initial articles of incorporation with your state. Many passionate founders fail to realize that filing with the state. At the same time, it gives your status as a nonprofit. Your organization is not tax-exempt. Many funders will not accept proposals from organizations that do not carry the tax exemption status from the IRS.


Understanding and catering to the unique needs of our clients is a personal passion. Before selecting a package, one of our consultants will meet with each potential client and assist them in identifying the most suitable package. Consultants are assigned to clients until they receive their official nonprofit designation to establish a nonprofit entity.


Once the nonprofit designation and tax exemption status have been received, identify funding and resources. Nonprofit executives are encouraged to select one of the Consultant-On-Retainer Packages to help with public relations, proposal writing, and program evaluation.


2. / Nonprofit Coaching Packages:

  • Barebones $1,000.00 - The client completes all forms, completed forms are reviewed by one of our assigned consultants. 

    • EIN

    • Name Reservation

    • Complete Initial Articles of Incorporation - State

    • Tax Exemption Filing - Federal 

  • Administrative $2,000.00  -  Includes Barebones Package Plus: 

    • Digiital Orientation Manual 

    • Developing the Foundation 

    • Service  Provision Strategy 

    • Developing the Organizational Structure

  • Managerial $3,500.00 - Enjoy the combined benefits to the Barebones  and Administrative Packages Plus: ​

    • Development of Policies and Procedures

    • Develop  Marketing Materials  - One general digital flyer and brochure

  • Executive $10,000.00 - Clients enjoy the benefits of  the Barebones, Administrative, and Managerial Packages Plus: 

    • Establishing Your Professional Image

    • Board Development 

    • Google for Nonprofits requires tax exemption status

      • Intranet through Google Sites 

      • Staff Training, using the intranet and Google Workspace​

      • Directors' Page

3. / Board Development $4,000.00

A nonprofit organization is only as strong and viable as its leadership, and an executive director can only be effective with the support of their Board of Directors (BOD).

The BOD coaching options are for newly started nonprofit organizations or board members with little experience as nonprofit board members.

The BOD provides 6  hours of coaching in the following content areas:

  • Board Member Job Description

  • Robert's Rules

  • Board Orientation 

  • Board Self-Evaluation 

  • Facilitating Meetings

  • Developing Meeting Agendas

  • Expectations for Financial Support/Giving 

  • Fundraising  Strategies

  • Spreading the Mission 

  • Networking with the community (Business Professionals, Foundation Leaders, Potential Donors)


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